Paris Saint-Germain takes up residence in Florida

The world’s first Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Residency kicks off in beautiful South Florida

Paris Saint-Germain takes up residence in Florida with the most ambitious academy ever opened by a European club in the United States! The emblematic Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA Campus located in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area, and its 20,000-seater stadium, is the headquarters of Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA and home to all Paris Saint-Germain Academies across North America. Starting in August, it will serve as the home of the world’s first Paris Saint-Germain Academy PRO Residency program!

The first-of-its-kind, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro opens in the United States for the 2020-2021 season, offering student-athletes born between 2002 and 2008 ‘Excellence without Compromise’ in both their sporting and educational development.
Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA has strategically partnered with North Broward Preparatory School to design a unique residency program, by combining the best of both worlds: a world-leading educational network following the highest standard of American academics, and unmatchable professional soccer development based on the world-class PSG expertise.

At the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Residency, programs and facilities are designed to foster and expertly develop high-potential student-athletes with a clearly defined goal: to kickstart and mature their professional soccer careers.

Through support from a multi-disciplinary dedicated staff, student-athletes are immersed in a fully professional environment by receiving daily training programs based on the Paris Saint-Germain expertise. They also participate in carefully chosen elite competitions and amongst more, an exclusive trip to Paris for training and competition!

Completely unique to the Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA through its development methodology and internationally recognized academic experience, each student-athlete will be ideally positioned to build a successful future, including individualized counseling and development, and exposure opportunities to top university programs, and professional soccer environments in the U.S. and Europe.

“The Paris Saint-Germain Academy PRO delivers a fully immersive experience that prepares student-athletes for a successful life as a professional footballer, combining an acclaimed academic curriculum with elite level of on-the-pitch competition modeled directly after the Paris Saint-Germain methodology,’’ said Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA Owner and President, Ravy Truchot.

The first step to becoming a member of the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Residency is to be evaluated by the Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA Technical Director and his technical staff.

For more information on how to register to try out for the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Residency, please visit


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