Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA, FC Miami City official affiliate club, is set to compete in the Florida division of the USL academy league!

The USL Academy player development model, a clear path to professional soccer!

Kicking off this spring 2021, the inaugural season of the USL Academy League provides clubs in all three of the USL’s senior divisions with an elite youth development and competition platform.

The league ensures players’ exposure to a high level of competition and development, resulting from direct ties to the organization’s USL Senior Teams!

The 2020 USL Championship season has shown that young players on USL Academy contracts can break through to their local Senior Teams, demonstrating the benefits of an established youth development pathway at USL clubs!

The launch of the USL Academy League will help identify top prospects and provide more players with the opportunity to compete against professionals at a younger age, creating a valuable youth to pro pathway and increasing their soccer exposure and career opportunities.

An exclusive path-to-pro opportunity for Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA players!

Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA players will integrate the rosters of its affiliate USL League 2 U13, U16, U17 and U19 teams, FC Miami City, one of the USL Academy League’s founding member clubs that will participate in the USL Academy League and Cup in 2021!

Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA players are set to compete in the Florida Division, among the league’s other regions including: Northeast, Atlantic, Southeast, East Central, South Central, Southwest and Florida!

A selection of the best U15-U19 players from Paris Saint-Germain Academy teams across the country will field one elite youth team to compete in the USL Academy League with FC Miami City’s youth teams and participate in this elite competition platform that represents one of the highest levels of youth soccer in the U.S!
Check out the video to see how our players will be exposed and prepared for the pro level through the USL Academy League!


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A lookback at the first ever Paris Saint-Germain Academy North America Cup

On the weekend of January 29th, Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA welcomed players, parents, and coaching staff from Paris Saint Germain, Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, Miami and Fort Lauderdale academies, across three age groups (U11, U13, and U15) to participate in the first ever Paris Saint-Germain Academy North America Cup.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA Continues its Expansion

After bringing the world-class Paris Saint-Germain Academy training methodology to Florida (Miami and Fort Lauderdale) and California (Los Angeles), Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA continues its expansion in North America, with the opening of new Academies in Houston, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona.

Welcome to the Paris Saint-Germain US Development Academy

For the upcoming 2021-2022 season, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA Campus will host the world’s first and only Paris Saint-Germain US Development Academy, designed for elite U11-U19 players. Official tryouts are set to start on May 1st 2021. The Academy’s mission is to train high-potential players and help them reach their highest potential while giving them access to a complete professional environment.

From Paris Saint-Germain Academy to Paris Saint-Germain

This past month saw Paris Saint-Germain sign two Paris Saint-Germain Academy players to join the official youth Professional Academy of Paris Saint-Germain in Paris. Nahil Kante, from Paris Saint-Germain Academy Aubervilliers in Paris, and Mathis Jangeal, from PSG Academy Martinique, were both signed to long term deals.