Joining the Paris Saint-Germain Academy is a step towards a wide array of developmental and competitive soccer experiences throughout North America and Europe. With established connections to various organizations, prestigious tournaments, leagues, and collegiate institutions, we offer best-in-class platforms for young players ages 6-19 to showcase their abilities, enhance their skills and pursue avenues for growth in soccer.



Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA gives players privileged access to exclusive events and the opportunity to be an integral member of a global network present in 5 continents, 22 countries, with over 1000 coaches.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy World Cup (Paris)

BOYS (U10-U13) – GIRLS (U15) *

The annual Paris Saint-Germain Academy World Cup is one of the most prestigious youth international soccer tournaments, organized by Paris Saint-Germain. This unique soccer tournament unites PSG Academy players from across the globe for an epic display of the PSG style of soccer. Beyond the competitive nature of the event, the World Cup opens the doors to a 100% VIP experience, exclusive cultural sightseeing, and the memorable opportunity of representing your country in a professional soccer environment.

*Categories are determined annually by PSG and may vary each year.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy North America Cup (PSG Academy Campus, Florida)

Eligible categories are determined by Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA every season.

A highly anticipated event on PSG Academy USA coaches’ and players calendars is the PSG Academy North America Cup. Held at the magnificent PSG Academy USA Campus in South Florida, the tournament sets the stage for intense soccer matches and interactive off-field activities.

Over 3-full days, PSG Academy teams from across the continent play up to 5 games in a cup style format. Traveling families and relatives cheer from the stands at a fully equipped stadium. and are granted exclusive access to a fan zone animated by local vendors, food trucks, soccer-related games, and a PSG merchandise shop.
Best of all, the tournament invites the PSG Academy Technical Director from Paris to supervise each game and observe the overall level of play throughout the Cup. While top performing players receive individual honors, the winning teams gain direct qualification to the upcoming PSG Academy World Cup in Paris taking place later in the year.

Visit of technical directors from Paris and/or North America

Paris Saint-Germain Academy players will get to meet and train with Paris Saint-Germain Academy Directors and/or Coordinators from the Paris or North America HQ. During their visits, Directors will lead a cutting edge training session, update PSG Academy coaches on the latest of the PSG methodology, and assess the level of high potential players. The most talented players can then receive an invitation to participate in elite Paris Saint-Germain experiences in Paris, such as the Selection Camps.

Selection Camps (Paris)


An extraordinary 1-week camp in Paris during the summer for an authentic, fully immersive soccer experience. Spots are reserved for a small selection of the most talented PSG Academy players worldwide, given the elite nature of the Selection Camp. Selection Camps offer a rare glimpse of the PSG professional routine, and will take place at the brand new PSG Academy Training Center.*




Paris Saint-Germain is dedicated to ensuring each player reaches their highest potential, with a unique development path.

Paris Saint-Germain USA offers a path to pro level training at the first and only PSG Academy Pro in the United States. Located in South Florida, the Academy Pro aligns a cutting-edge training methodology, a team of experts and specialists covering all aspects of performance, high-intensity training sessions daily, and elite competition. This elite institution provides a bridge to the professional and collegiate soccer scene. By mirroring the exacting standards of the PSG first team’s daily routines, the Academy Pro USA prepares its resident-students for a successful career in soccer, anywhere in the world.

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Paris Saint-Germain Academy is dedicated to fully supporting the future of its student-athletes.

ID Camps and Showcases

PSG Academy USA provides its players the unique opportunity to showcase their talents through the organization of different ID Camps & Showcases, hosting coaches coming from colleges, universities, the MLS, USL and more.





Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA is proud to partner with Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Greater Geneva, a European soccer institution based in France. Through this close connection, players can transfer to Europe and become student-athletes. At the Academy Pro, student-resident can discover the high standards of European soccer, and take a step close to pursuing a professional soccer career in Europe.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Greater Geneva


Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Greater Geneva is the first and only official PSG Academy soccer residency program designed for elite international players. Its 10-month boarding program is a unique opportunity to confront Europe’s best, progress at an accelerated pace, live in professional conditions including full boarding. Student-residents will also gain first hand experience encounteriing international scouting, premium competition and academics, and professional soccer training in a world-class environment. PSG Academy Pro Residency Greater Geneva is also the only soccer institution with a professional club attached, Thonon Evian Grand Genève FC, giving its players direct access and visibiliy of the professional landscape in Europe. From 1 week to 10 months, different programs are available and offer professional experiences for Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA players.

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FC Miami City / USL League 2 and USL W

FC Miami City is Paris Saint-Germain Academy Miami’s Senior Teams, and has direct ties to ambitious Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA players, offering proven opportunties to showcase their abilities to MLS and NCAA, and International selection scouts.

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Each year, Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA integrates its promising youth players into the FC Miami City roster USL 2 roster. In doing so, youth players gain early exposure to the intensity of senior soccer, as well as earn opportunities to and showcase their talent on a larger platform. The inclusions of Academy players have been mutually beneficial, as players accelerate their development while FC Miami has regularly appeared in the playoffs.


The USL W League stands as a pivotal platform for the emergence of women’s soccer talent in the USA, carving pathways to the professional and college level. Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA proudly connects with the USL W through FC Miami City, its affiliate club. FC Miami City has appeared in the playoffs twice since the inception of the USL W, often counting on PSG Academy players to participate. It’s been an achievement to witness previous star performers continue their soccer careers at pro clubs and colleges at the highest level.

The USL Academy

PSG Academy USA is firmly connected with the USL Academy, a widely regarded elite competition setup for both boys and girls soccer players in the United States. Each season, the USL events, cups, leagues, and tournaments are where the nation’s best teams convene. Competitive players from PSG Academy USA seeking to showcase their abilities can gain incredible exposure and draw the attention of esteemed college scouts. Through the USL Academy, a standout performance can be the one that ignites a collegiate soccer career.

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