Introducing Totum Sport, our hydration partner!

Introducing Totum Sport, our hydration partner!

Together, we will be encouraging our Paris Saint-Germain Academy players to shift their perspective and focus more on hydration and cellular health!

We know that wellness and safety go far beyond masks and washing of hands. Here at Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA, we believe that health starts internally, at the cellular level and that is where fitness starts as well.

Totum is the first fact-based solution for your cells, focusing on cellular fitness, enhancing performance at a cellular level, enabling cells to perform at their maximum capacity. By building fitter cells, athletes can advance to the top of their game. This in turn will enhance performance, recovery, and overall wellness in all players.

Totum Sport, a complete electrolyte solution, is the only sports supplement in the world, providing all 78 electrolytes the cells require and in the correct proportions and Totum Sport has been tested and approved for lactic acid reduction by up to 46%!

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A lookback at the first ever Paris Saint-Germain Academy North America Cup

On the weekend of January 29th, Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA welcomed players, parents, and coaching staff from Paris Saint Germain, Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, Miami and Fort Lauderdale academies, across three age groups (U11, U13, and U15) to participate in the first ever Paris Saint-Germain Academy North America Cup.