From Paris Saint-Germain Academy to Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint-Germain Development Pathway

This past month saw Paris Saint-Germain sign two Paris Saint-Germain Academy players to join the official youth Professional Academy of Paris Saint-Germain in Paris. Nahil Kante, from Paris Saint-Germain Academy Aubervilliers in Paris, and Mathis Jangeal, from PSG Academy Martinique, were both signed to long term deals.

The two signings prove the direct connection and pathway between the Paris Saint-Germain Academies around the world and the official Professional Academy of Paris Saint-Germain in Paris. They also demonstrate that the training methodology, professional environment, and advanced training program implemented at the Academies, expertly prepares and develops high-quality players with great potential to excel at the pro level, like Nahil Kante and Mathis Jangeal.

Nahil Kantè

Center Midfielder and 13-year-old Kantè has drawn many comparisons to Marco Verratti, due to his technique and vision of the game. He first caught the eyes of Paris Saint-Germain Technical Staff during his participation in the Paris Saint-Germain Academy World Cup, where he was named the tournament’s best player for two consecutive years.

Every year, PSG Academy USA players and players from all PSG Academies across the globe receive unique opportunities like the PSG Academy World Cup to get exposed to the next level. The tournament, held annually in Paris, France, is based on professional European standards and welcomes a selection of PSG Academy players from all over the world who compete for the championship.

Mathis Jangeal

Originally from Case-Pilote, Martinique, Mathis Jangeal is a striker who spent two years at PSG Academy Martinique before joining the official youth Professional Academy of Paris Saint-Germain in Paris. During his time at the Academy in Martinique, Mathis showed superior technical and physical skills.

Thanks to the direct connection between Paris Saint-Germain Academies and Paris Saint-Germain, Mathis was invited to attend a week-long trial in Paris, and upon his return to Martinique, his development was being monitored by the technical staff in Paris. As he continued to impress the technical team at the Professional Academy, he was once again invited for a week-long trial at the Professional Academy, where he was then officially signed.

Mathis’ signing is another great example that PSG Academy players in the U.S. and around the world are in the ideal environment, are expertly prepared, and receive the necessary development from a highly qualified UEFA and PSG certified staff, to fulfil their dreams of playing at the next level.