Inside the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Residency Season Series

Part 1 - Preseason!

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Residency, in South Florida, will be opening its doors to highly talented American and international player next September. In partnership with the International Center of European Football, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro will offer a unique and professional soccer training program and methodology throughout the year with top-rated academics, so players do not compromise their education while chasing their dreams.

The PSG Academy Pro Residency plans to split the season into three distinct sections to maximize development and ensure all individual players reach their maximum potential. The three sections are preseason, competitive season, and post-season. Each section will have its set objectives and will be focused on providing a fully immersive and professional environment, through an all-encompassing training program focused on all aspects of soccer preparation and performance.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro preseason (August to September)

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro preseason aims to prepare all players for the long and highly competitive season. The base for a successful season as individuals and as a team starts here. There are three main components to the Academy Pro’s preseason, physical evaluations and assessments, tactical and technical introduction, and individual development plan.

Physical Evaluations and Assessments

The physical evaluations, led by the Academy Pro’s Head Coach and Strength and Conditioning Coach, consist of various assessments and drills that will measure player’s attributes such as speed, strength, agility, coordination and more. These assessments will take place on the field and in the fitness center at the Academy’s state-of-the-art facilities at the Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA Campus. Players will go through each assessment as the coaching staff measure and collect the data. The data will then be used to create the players Individual Development Plan for the season.

During preseason, players will also visit the Academy Pro’s resident physical therapist and podiatrist who will both assess the players body for any current injuries or predisposition to certain injuries, and provide a guide as to how players can take care of their body throughout the tough season. The physical therapist will be available throughout preseason to provide physio treatment to ensure all players are hundred percent healthy to participate in preseason and will be ready for the season ahead. On the other hand, the podiatrist will accurately diagnose possible foot, heel, and ankle conditions through a wide range of diagnostic services that will prevent common soccer injuries, maximizing player’s performance.

Tactical and Technical Introduction

The tactical and technical introduction aspect to the Academy Pro preseason is focused on sharpening players skills and mental capacity while introducing the tactical concepts that will be covered throughout the season.

During this part of preseason, training sessions will be split between on the field drills, video analysis, and lectures. The field drills will help players regain and hone their skills and technique after the offseason and to be prepared for the start of the season. The video analysis and lectures section, will allow the Academy Pro coaches to communicate with the players the teams’ tactics, how the team will play on the field, and the collective development objectives. Organized by the Academy’s Video Analysis Coordinator, the videos will be used to help players visualize the roles of each position and analyze how the team will carry out the tactics. This is an incredibly important part as it will allow players and coaches to create a common goal and foundation to work for each other throughout the season.

Individual Development Plan

he player Individual Development Plan comes from the physical evaluation and assessments that take place earlier in the preseason. Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro coaches create the individualized plan that will guide players to establish their strengths while improving their weaknesses to become more complete players. The players will work with their Individual Development Plan throughout the season, with mandatory check-up meetings, alongside their normal training sessions with the team.

Each individual development plan is based the world-renowned official Paris Saint-Germain training program and methodology and will consist of on the field drills to boost skills and technique, as well as exercises in the gym to improve strength and coordination among other attributes.

With each player having their Individual Development Plan throughout the season, it ensures a high-quality and tailored experience with individualized accompaniment from the Academy Pro coaching staff. As players work on their Individual Development Plans, the coaching staff will monitor their progress and at the end of the season, will review the overall progress of each player.

The last part of player’s Individual Development Plan is a meeting with the coaching and technical staff, as well as college advisors to discuss next steps after their time at the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Residency.

With the guidance of the staff and advisors, players identify their possible next soccer career opportunities. Possible opportunities include, being recruited by an NCAA affiliated College or University, recruitment to one of Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA’s partnering professional clubs in Europe, and more.

Importance of Preseason

Preseason is the most important part to the season. Building foundations and preparing for the competitive season is crucial for players to be successful and reach their maximum potential. At the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Residency, we ensure each individual player participates in preseason and are given every tool necessary, and in all aspects of soccer preparation and performance, to be ready for the season and reach their maximum capabilities.


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