Paris Saint-Germain

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Paris Saint-Germain Franchising benefits

  • Become one of the top international clubs and leverage the power of a brand that shines worldwide
  • Combine your passion with a professional activity.
  • Own a Paris Saint-Germain franchise with exclusive development rights in designated markets.
  • Grow your business and take your operations to the next level, with support from a dedicated team.

want to start a Paris Saint-Germain academy franchise?


Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA provides each franchisee with a business model and step-by-step guidance to operate a successful academy. Paris Saint-Germain is the only European club with a real presence in the U.S., with Paris Saint-Germain Academy offices in New York and Florida, and state-of-the-art soccer facilities at the Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA Campus in Florida. The campus regularly hosts training and teaching sessions for players and coaches, high-performance camps & clinics, national and international tournaments, scouting and recruitment events (ID Camps & Showcases), and is home to the world’s first Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Residency program, welcoming elite players from all over the globe.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA is comprised of a full-time and multi-faceted organization of professionals based in Miami (FL) to deliver expertise and unparalleled services to our franchisees, providing support in every step of their development to ensure the success of each Paris Saint-Germain Academy in the United States.

Club development and operations

  • Receive the tools and support to get your operations running in weeks.
  • We work with you to help accelerate your development through a successful and business model with high-growth potential.
  • We help you generate additional revenue streams through new events and increased program offerings.

Player and Coach Development

  • Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA provides franchisees with a training curriculum following the methods and techniques from the Paris Saint-Germain FC methodology.
  • We provide a training program to academy coaches to master the Paris Saint-Germain training methodology and philosophy of play.
  • We define a clear development pathway for your players.
  • Your players will have access to unique exposure opportunities in Paris, as well as the U.S., allowing you to attract high-potential players.


  • Our full-time dedicated team of marketing experts helps your club gain increased awareness and visibility to reach new members.
  • Our web design and development team create a custom and editable website for your club.
  • We help you plan dedicated events, providing step-by-step support (event set-up and organization, marketing materials, social media and press coverage guidelines, field branding, etc.) to ensure their success.
  • We provide professional marketing materials customized to your specific needs for all programs and events.
  • Our marketing team and graphic designers constantly work on creating and improving marketing materials such as brochures, websites, promotional items, and more.


  • Leverage the success of one of the most prestigious European sport and lifestyle brands.
  • Use pro players rights and club content, specifically produced for the Academies.
  • Be part of an ever-growing community of academies and benefit from increased brand awareness.
  • Benefit from partnerships with brands such as and Nike.


1. Preliminary call and application form

2. Selection confirmation and introductory meeting

3. Action plan and operations launch

If you currently own a youth soccer club or have a soccer background and are interested in the opportunity to be part of the Paris Saint-Germain Academy expansion roadmap, please contact us. This is your opportunity to become an owner of a Paris Saint-Germain Academy franchise in the United States and an active member of the Paris Saint-Germain global network.

want to start a Paris Saint-Germain academy franchise?